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Hand made log houses

Hand made pine-tree log houses have a natural and rustic look. The logs are made according to the old traditional Scandinavian method. They are cut on two sides and hand peeled in our factory, then the are carefully selected and dried in our drying facility. Later the logs are further hand prepared. Each house is built up in our factory for quality control and disassembled for transport to your site, where the house will be assembled on your foundation. The walls can be of 150 or 200 mm. thick. Houses made from dried hand prepared logs are a good alternative not just for rest houses but for living homes as well. They are more solid, durable and what is most important - with nature's breath.


We produce all wooden accessories as doors, windows, panel and other interior products for our houses. Also can find the suppliers for other building materials needed for the house (roof tiles, plastic films, insulation, etc.).




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