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Element houses

Element walls is an easy and price effective way of constructing a living house. Element is a wood framework wall unit of the house. They are prefabricated in our factory according to your house drawings ready for assembling on the building site. Depending on the needs of the customer we can produce element walls with inside surface or without it. The outer walls have: frame with insulation, door and window spaces already with the platbands, outer panel, ventilation cavity, wind isolation, and inner panel or gyps boards according to the customer needs.

Quick and efficient building process reduces cost of the house and fulfils the customer's needs.

Houses of this type are produced in our daughter company UAB "Liskandas" you can find more information on page www.hus.lt.


We produce all wooden accessories as doors, windows, panel and other interior products for our houses. Also can find the suppliers for other building materials needed for the house (roof tiles, plastic, insulation, etc.).






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